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We specialize in dependable Passport Services. After years of being in business and the experience gained by processing travel documents, you are guaranteed to have your passports requirements handled quickly, accurately and professionally. For information related to Passport, please Contact Us.
The best part of going abroad is the thrill of travelling to a new country. However, the time consuming part of it all is getting the visa. This needs fulfilling specific documentation required for entering the foreign country and adhering to its process time. ST&T understands the various requirements for Indian Residents travelling abroad and provides up-to-date information on visa norms and specifications. After years of being in business and the experience gained by processing travel documents, ST&T specializes in providing accurate information for Visa applications. For information, please Contact Us.
ST&T is Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) authorized e-ticketing agent for trains of Indian Railway Tickets Booking and doing online rail tickets from our desk. We are engaged in providing qualitative Railway Ticket Booking Services that are widely demanded by various individuals, offices and corporate houses. All our services are widely appreciated by the customers due to cost-effectiveness, reliability and flexibility. We gained enough expertise in this line of work since past several years of work and hence our services are much appreciated. Not so long ago, flight booking was considered to be cumbersome process. Through ST&T, the process has become much easier. We offer you instant and convenient online air ticket booking services for domestic and international airlines. One can book flights to all major destinations not only in the Indian Territory but also around the globe. We offer air tickets booking facilities for First class, Business class as well as Economy class. Our services are the best without compromising with the quality since we believe in delivering value based services to you.
Hajj - Hajj is one of the five tenets of Islam. Its every Muslims desire to perform Hajj at least once in his life time. It is a set of rituals that spreads over five days and are performed at Makkah, Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah. Hajj starts with entering into Ihram, wearing special dress. When a person is in Ihram he is forbidden from doing certain things like killing animals, having sex, removing hair, etc. Hajj ends with Tawaf Ziyarah. Performing Hajj is obligatory to every sane, financially able and adult Muslim. Every pious Muslim wants to perform Hajj but it is a must only for those who are capable of doing it since it demands energy and mental power. So, it is better to perform Hajj at one's young age. For more information about Hajj, please Contact Us. Umrah - The Umrah is visiting of the Holy places of Makkah and Madina with a view to accomplish an individual pilgrimage. Umrah is not an obligation (Fardh) but a tradition which is almost compulsory for those who have the means. It is not confined to any set of time. It can be carried out at any time of the year, excluding the five days of Hajj. Umrah is composed of four things namely - Ihraam, Circumambulation of the Sacred House (Tawaaf), Saa'i between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, and shaving the head or cutting the hair. Due to public demands, we have specially made provisions for family packages tailor made to your needs. This helps facilitate the aged and children travel to the holy land with their families as well. For more information on Umrah packages, please click on "Tours > Umrah" or Contact Us. International Packages Being one of the most dynamic travel agency, we also arrange International Tours for individual and group travelers at an affordable price. We also prepare itinerary as per requirement and according to the budget and schedule of the tourist. We offer extremely affordable International Tour Packages to the tourists and make your holiday an enjoyable affair. We arrange tour to various countries in the most efficient manner. Thus for hassle free International Vacation Packages, we are the perfect destination for you! For information on various International Tour packages, please Contact Us.

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